Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of Drive Safe 4 Life Academy

1. Cancellation policy

24 hrs notice is required to avoid the cancellation charge. Cancelling on the day of your lesson, or if your instructor arrives and you are not available for the lesson, will incur a cancellation fee, which is the full lesson price.  Please remember you are paying for my time to instruct you, a late cancellation results in valuable lost time. I aim to be able to offer cancelled slots to  other students, who wish to have extra practical sessions. (ie; lesson at 9am Tuesday, need to cancel before 9am on Monday).Payment must be made online, before the next scheduled lesson.


2. Lesson

The DSA recommends as a guide, 40-50 lessons with an instructor and then an additional 20 lessons with a family member where possible. You must schedule in 15-20 mins at least 3-4 times a week to study for the theory test. You will need to understand and apply the hazard perception and theory knowledge in your practical lesson. They are not separate! Lessons can be negotiated to suit your personal needs .

If you have not had a lesson for 3 consecutive weeks and you have not replied to any messages that has been sent to you  or informed your instructor that you need a break, your contract will be terminated and your slot given to someone else. If you are registered on Theory Test Pro you will also lose access to the website. All students have the option to complete the BTEC level 1 award in Safe road skills and attitudes. This is made up of a workbook and assignment that you must complete. There is no extra charge, this course is free.

3. Payments


All major credit  and debit cards accepted with chip and pin. Payments are made at the end of the lesson.

3.1 For block bookings, payment must be made in advance in full on lesson number 1 to qualify for the block booking discount. If you take a break from driving and you have made a block booking, the remaining lessons must be redeemed within 2 month, starting from the date of the last driving lesson before the break. After this time there will be no refund on outstanding lessons.

3.2 If you cancel a lesson on 3 consecutive occasions, your contract will be terminated and your slot given to another student. If you have made a block booking there will be no refund on remaining lessons

Lesson prices are subject to an annual review regarding any increase or changes.

4. Time

Please be ready for your lesson 10mins before the scheduled start time, particularly at the start of your driving tuition, as your instructor  will have to pick you up and then drive you to an appropriate place to start your lesson. Your time begins on arrival at that designated place. Due to Covid-19 precautions for in car driving lessons, it is imperative to be 10mins before your scheduled lesson time, as debriefing of the lesson can no longer take place in the car and must be done outside of the car.

If your instructor is running late a text will be sent to let you know.

5. Homework

Homework is required to be completed when given.

At the start of each session there will be a 5min recap of the previous lesson.

6. Have fun

This is most important!! The aim of Drive Safe 4 Life Academy is for you to have fun while you learn to be a safe driver for life.                        

 7. Social Media

If you are on Facebook please do like the business page at: Drive Safe 4 Life Academy
If are on Twitter please follow at:  @drivesafe4life

This will enable you keep up with important information regarding the driving industry that may affect you. Also you will be able to keep up to date with promotions, discounts and incentives for Drive Safe 4 Life customers.

An additional measure due to Covid-19, you may wear a mask or face covering and gloves on your driving lesson. It is mandatory to wear a mask or face covering for your practical driving test. It is mandatory to have downloaded the NHS track and trace app. You will be asked if you have this on your phone before your driving test begins, if your answer is no, the test will be cancelled.


Drive Safe 4 Life Privacy Policy


This is our GDPR privacy policy. It tells you how we collect, and process data received from you. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. This responsibility of Data Protection and GDPR lies with the director Drive Safe 4 Life Academy. This policy will be reviewed and updated at planned intervals or when required to ensure it remains relevant. If you have any comments on this privacy policy, please email them to: info@drivesafe4lifeacademy.com

Here are the details that the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As director and data controller of Drive safe 4 Life Academy I am required to give you the following information:

* Our website: www.drivesafe4lifeacademy.com

* Our registered company name:  Drive Safe 4 Life Academy

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We collect: your name, address, your date of birth, telephone number and email.

Prior to you first lesson, you will be emailed a DVSA link to create a licence check code. It is a legal requirement that Drive Safe 4 Life Academy checks your licence to ensure there are no endorsements or bans and that you are fit to drive. This is because the paper counter part of the licence is no longer used, this used to store such information. This check code you then need to email to Drive Safe 4 Life Academy, so that on your first lesson the following information can be double checked against your provisional licence:

Your full name; address; date of birth and drivers licence number. Your email address and telephone number is stored and used for communication purposes. This information is kept in individual clear sheets and kept in an A4folder.

This file remains in the vehicle for the duration of driving tuition. At the end of the business day, the said folder is stored at the business registered address:

38 Priory Avenue, Walthamstow, London, E17 7QP

At no point does drive safe 4 Life Academy use, forward or divulge any of your information to any third party for research or marketing purposes.


Any pictures of you that are uploaded onto the Drive safe 4 Life Academy website and social media, such as Twitter, Face Book and Instagram will only be done on receiving a verbal consent from you. These are displayed purely for the purpose of testimonials of your driving experience with Drive Safe 4 Life Academy and is not sent onto any third party.

Contact forms

On the business website, contact forms are used and the information collected is kept for a short period of time. The information submitted through them is not used for marketing purposes. The contact forms we have are:

  • Request a call back regarding driving tuition
  • Leave a testimonial to be published on the website in the testimonial section


If any cookies are used by and on our website, they are used in accordance with current English and EU cookie law. The site may use cookies or similar technology to collect information about your access to the site. Cookies are pieces of information that include a unique reference code that a website transfers to your device to store and sometimes track information about you.

Who we share your data with

Your name, telephone number and email address is shared with Theory Test Pro, which is an online website to practice for the theory test. They will have their own privacy policy in place regarding your information.

Drive Safe 4 Life Academy has an instructor based account to add students to, so that you gain free access to prepare for your theory test. It’s only free to clients of Drive Safe 4 Life Academy as we pay the monthly costs. The above details will be used to register you or you can register online yourself.

Theory Test pro will then contact you personally and give you temporary log in details. You then log in and create your own unique password. Your instructor has access to your account to keep a check on your progress and how well you are preparing for your theory test. Once you have passed your account is deleted you no longer have free access and Drive Safe 4 Life Academy has no further record of your details

How long we retain your data

Your personal details that is kept in the file that is stored at night at the registered business address is kept until you pass your driving test and then this information is destroyed by means of shredding.

Payments received

Drive Safe 4 Life Academy receives payment via BASC online transfer and by chip and pin machine in the car. You will receive a receipt from the chip and pin transaction and Drive Safe 4 Life Academy receives a merchant copy.  Drive Safe 4 Life Academy at no point has access to your 4 digit pin.

This receipt is kept in a separate envelop and is stored in the same A4 folder as personal information and is stored in the same way.

As a business, for tax purposes these receipts are stored and kept for a period of 5 years. These are stored at the registered business address in a secure box.