Drive Safe 4 Life Academy


Drive Safe 4 Life Academy is based in East London, covering the North and East London postcodes. We currently only teach manual.

Our commitment is to deliver tailor made driving tuition, that is fun, client centered and that is conducted in a safe and relaxed environment that promotes and encourages learning and development. Driving tuition is not just about the learners.

To remain a safe and competent driver for life involves keeping your knowledge and skills up to date. The driving tuition offered at Drive Safe 4 Life Academy spans from the provisional license holder, the full license holder to fleet risk assessment.  This is why at Drive Safe 4 Life Academy, there is more to driving than just passing your test.

We specialise in teaching individuals who are exceptionally nervous and have little self-confidence. I have found that these individuals need a little more time and patience in the early stages of their driving tuition and I am able to offer them that extra time and patience.